Similar Skull Evolution of Crocodiles and Dolphins

A new research indicates that the skulls of crocodiles and dolphins showed similar evolution.  This evolution helped them to feed on similar prey. This study is done by biologists from Monash University, Australia.  Dolphins and crocodiles were earlier land based animals and gradually they evolved into their marine life.

Both were separated 300 years back but this new study brought out the similarity in their skull shapes. Researcher’s results suggested that crocodilians and toothed whales showed remarkable similarity. Similarity was based on what they eat and not on where they live. Both crocodilians and toothed whales have long, thin snout which is advantageous to catch fish. One of the important facts of this study is that it will help us to predict the diet of extinct aquatic animals.

Skulls of museum specimens were digitally scanned using medical CT and laser 3D. Authors could examine shape of skulls after digitization. Researchers used sophisticated mathematical techniques to analyze 3D shape. The skull shapes showed their correlation with diet, habitat and prey size.



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