Smallest Radio Receiver: As Small As Two Atoms

Developers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have created world smallest radio receiver. As per the researchers, this new device’s building blocks are as small as two atoms. Besides the size, the scientists have claimed that the new tiny device is capable enough to resist extremely harsh environments and is biocompatible. In simple words this device can work anywhere from a probe on Venus to a pacemaker in a human heart, said the researchers.

The experts were aimed to create a system that can work as a nitrogen atom for which they have tiny imperfections in diamonds called nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre. Additionally, the researchers changed one atom in a diamond crystal with a nitrogen atom and remove a neighboring atom to make the NV centre.

The researchers also added that this newly made device is powered by green light emitted from a laser. These electrons are responsive to electromagnetic fields, including the waves used in FM radio.

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