Smarty: A Toy That Can Talk and Listen

Maura Sparks, the co – founder of Siliconic Home brings the first prototype of Smarty toy. It is small, blue in color and expects its launch late in 2017. It is the first gadget which is purely made for children. This personal assistant, Smarty is made for the children of age group between 5 years to 12 years.

Maura said in a conference on digital technology for children that this toy will answer all questions of children. Also, it is going to remind them of their due homework assignments and will wake them up in the morning. It has more features like controlling their bedroom lights and streaming music and audio books.  A web- accessible dashboard allows parents to monitor the activities of their child. The toy can be used by children all the time.

Maura is optimistic about its sales and predicts she could sell 2million units annually in the US at $99 a unit. The information collected by Smarty will be kept anonymous. It is never going to be disclosed to third party.

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