Social Impact Of Covid-19

Editorials News | Sep-26-2021

Social Impact Of Covid-19

Covid- 19 hit the world like a train in 2020 and caused many casualties. Along with casualties it had many social impacts such as-

1) Hunger - A large population lost their jobs during the pandemic which led to poverty and hunger. During a pandemic, hunger levels rose and many children and people slept on empty stomachs.

2) Depression – The isolation, poverty, and casualties led to a massive increase in depression in individuals.

3) Increase in suicides- Due to the decline in living conditions the rate of suicide also increased throughout the world.

4) Increase in orphans- Due to the number of causalities within adults, their children became orphans therefore over-crowding the orphanages.

5) Increase in theft- Poor economic conditions led to an increase in theft cases since people needed to survive in society.

6) Alienation – Without human touch and presence, the world seemed deprived of common feelings such as touch which led to emotional isolation.

7) Poverty – An increase in unemployment led to increased poverty which led to the decline of the ratio of the middle class in India and increased the ratio of poor.

8) Inequalities – Even though India is a secular and diverse nation it still faced a lot of racism when it came to saving lives and the need for hospitals. Many were denied medical equipment due to social norms.

9) Blame game- Doctors and front-line workers were the usual people to face the virus and later got blamed for the casualties even after trying their best to save each one of the victims.

10) Political distrust- Due to the horrible planning of tackling the virus, the general public lost faith in the current government which decided to shower migrating people with flowers instead of providing them transportation and meals.

By : Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International School
World Mental Health Day