Some Birds Better Adjust to Changing Habitat

God has made all of us same and this very well reflects in our habits too. Be it humans, animals or birds! We change according to our surroundings. Here we will talk about how some birds change in order to better survive the degrading habitat in South America. No sooner, appears a difference in the surrounding, behavioral pattern in the birds begin to change.

As per a study from The Condor: Ornithological Applications, some birds change their choice of seed type and some stick to their favorites. This change cannot be unanimously applied to all bird categories. Few birds like Common Diuca-Finch and Rufous ate more wild flowers at grazed sites while others like Chaco Finch did not.

This helps researchers find out which specie is prone to population decline due to the changing environment. Another thing to note here is the fact that these birds can be saved with the help of naturally constructed bird habitats. Maintained quality of the grasslands can eventually help conserve the declining population of more vulnerable bird species. More diverse the approach, the better are the results. 

By: Priyanka Negi