Some Selective Foods for a Healthy and Energetic Mind

Our mind is a very strong organic machine system that works on so many different assignments at a single time. Our all activities like thought, movement, and sensation are controlled by or mind in no time.

It works too fast to notice. After this exercise immense amount of data are stored in our mind in the form of images, text, and concepts, feelings etc. Hormone balance, breathing, unconscious activity, and flow of blood are some of the numerous activities that are regulated by our brain without letting us be conscious about them. It works continuously; even when we are in deep sleep. That is the reason brain is the organ that requires energy most.  There is a vast impact of our food habits on our brain. Our brain needs carbohydrates; glucose; protein; fact and all nutrients that we receive from various food items. The main 15 food item that fulfill this need are: Avocado; Coconut Oil; Beans and Legumes; Blueberries; Broccoli; Chia; Dark Chocolate; Nuts; Quinoa; Red Cabbage; Rosemary; Spinach; Sunflower Seeds; Tomatoes; and Whole Grains. It is very important for us to choose good, healthy food that may increase the efficiency of our brain.

By: Anita Aishvarya



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