Space X Dragon Spacecraft Returned Back to Earth

Editorials News | Jul-08-2017

Space X Dragon Spacecraft Returned Back to Earth

A spacecraft named SpaceX Dragon was released from International Space Station. It was departed from Space Station on third of July. It got splash down in Pacific Ocean. It finished its historic second journey to the orbiting lab.

Dragon roughly had a journey for about 5.5 hours while travelling back to Earth. SpaceX successfully landed in Pacific Ocean which is a few hundred miles southwest of the California coast. Dragon had a good splashdown in Pacific. It assured completion of first re-flight of a commercial spacecraft to and from the Space Station.

The first dragon that enjoyed second trip was cargo spacecraft. For analysis purpose, Dragon carried more than 4,100 lbs of cargo and experiments back to Earth. A study can be done on the impact of microgravity on fruit flies’ hearts through the experiment carried by cargo. Another such studies are mouse samples from a test of an osteoporosis drug and how stem cells react to microgravity.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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