Stay Safe and Alert From the Throat Cancer

When genetic mutations occur in the cells of the pharynx then chances of throat cancer are very strong. Throat cancer can occur in the nasopharynx which is the area of the throat just behind the nose. It can also happen in the hypopharynx which is the lower part of the throat or in the oropharynx which is the middle part of the throat.

Throat cancer is also referred to as pharyngeal cancer and it is diagnosed in more than 13,000 people each year. Sometimes, it is also grouped together with cancer of the larynx or the laryngeal cancer which accounts for another 12,000 diagnosed annually. Together, both of them are known as head and neck cancers. The formation of cancer occurs in the squamous cells which are the cells that line the throat. From this particular region, it can spread to other areas too.

The throat cancer is a preventable disease as the factors leading to it are the result of various lifestyle choices like heavy use of alcohol or eating a nutrient – poor diet.


By: Bhavna Sharma



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