Students & Stress Management

Editorials News | Jun-10-2021

Students & Stress Management

Today, we board an age when people are more stressed than relaxed. due to extreme competitiveness in every aspect of life, there's always a scarcity of some time. This then ends up in a high level of hysteria, mental tension, and of course, the feeling of dissatisfaction. A cut-throat competition starts at the school level with parents pressurizing children to work extra hard and score high marks altogether subjects. Students feel the pressure of performing better than the rest. Therefore, they get stressed once they're unable to perform in keeping with expectations. the strain builds on until it turns into health hazards, which stays on forever.

Then there's stress at work front, which is worse than scoring high. Students might acquire the highest marks, but this does not guarantee that they'd land their desired jobs. albeit they're doing, there are other reasons for one to feel the strain. Desired salary, timely promotion, material growth, like own house and car, marriage, etc. often come in conjunction with anxiety, stress, and lifestyle diseases. Therefore, it suffices to say that nowadays youth are greatly stressed and to some extent, the consumerist culture is to be blamed for this. Fortunately, there's an answer to avoid stress in any respect times. Students are facing various types of stress in their life because of their Studies, and in their personal because of their Hormonal changes. And Nowadays the biggest concern for students is their Studies which are scattered because of Corona. Few steps can help them in managing their Stress.
Identify ways to cope and manage stress

Ensuring positive relationships with parents and caregivers – in step with psychological science Services (2016), the simplest predictor of a young person’s well-being is their relationship with their parents. A home environment within which tykes feel ready to study can relax, and may speak about things that are bothering is probably going to reinforce performance at college. Staying healthy – whilst students may feel overwhelmed by the thought of a healthy diet and exercise on top of study, eating healthy food, exercising regularly (at least three days per week), and getting the maximum amount of sleep as you would like can increase productivity and help to make sure more is completed daily.
Adequate sleep also plays an important role in managing Stress. One should always have to take a proper amount of sleep.
Create a study-friendly environment – ensuring that the environment during which teenagers study is quiet, tidy, and far from distractions is assumed to assist with concentration. surrendering phones or the other potential distractors before studying is additionally thought to be helpful. Studying in bed isn't helpful, because it will cease to be relaxing for actual sleep time if it's related to stressful activities. the identical goes for eating in bed or maybe within the bedroom. Snack breaks are an honest chance for getting up, clearing one’s mind, and speech family or friends whilst taking a true break.
Relaxation techniques – downloading a Mindfulness app (e.g., the Headspace app) and fascinating in 10 minutes of relaxation/meditation per day will allow time for teens to practice self-care.
Visiting a psychologist – if things just feel too overwhelming, a psychologist may provide additional support and luxury throughout this stressful time.

By: Renu