Synthetic Skin That Can Detect Temperature Changes

The scientists have come up with an amazing discovery that can solve the health problems. A team led by California Institute of Technology's Chiara Daraio has created a material. The scientists said they have created this material through copying the mechanism used by the organ that allows pit vipers to sense their hunt.

Moreover, this material has exhibited an electrical response to temperature changes in the laboratory. The scientists stated that the artificial skin is capable of sensing the changes in the temperature. As per the researchers, this material could be transplanted onto prosthetic limbs to restore temperature sensing in amputees.

The artificial skin could also be applied to first-aid bandages to alert health professionals of a temperature increase. Additionally, a sign of infection in wounds can be detected through this artificial skin, said the researchers.

The researchers added that this low-cost material turned out that the component responsible for the temperature sensitivity was pectin.  Pectin is widely used in the food industry as a jellifying agent, stated the scientists.

Content Source: Hindustan Times


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