Tattoo That Can Manage Your Devices

Editorials News | Sep-05-2016

Tattoo That Can Manage Your Devices

Researchers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Microsoft has created a latest tattoo which can control your connected devices such as computer and Smartphone.


These tattoos are known as ‘Smart tattoos’ because of their tremendous features.

As per the demonstration this latest technology can be worn directly on the skin and enables anyone to create their own durable.


This inexpensive material would allow the user to swipe as if on computer’s trackpad or smartphone touch-screen as well as it can control the phone by responding the touch.


The tattoo has been designed in a shape of a leaf which might also contain a small NFC chip enabling the user to tap the phone onto the skin to read the information or activate the feature.


The output devices can act as a remote control. According to the researchers, one tattoo can respond to the body’s temperature lighting up or changing color when the skin heats up.

Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, a PhD student at MIT said, “People will soon be able to walk into tattoo parlours and have a connected tattoo fitted onto their skin”.

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