Technologies and Gadgets Impacting Children’s Health

There is a rise of addiction in children towards technologies and gadgets in current scenario. Children below the age of two years can access smartphones and I-pads easily. They spend most of their time indoors watching cartoons and movies on gadgets or playing e-games.

During a clinical and neurological research various psychotherapist said screens of gadgets are deteriorating children’s health. More than 25 brain imaging studies were done. These studies showed physiological changes happening in brain due to overuse of tech-gadgets. Excessive screen exposure can lead to ADHD, aggression, anxiety, depression and psychosis.

A study was conducted in Australia where behavior of children was under observation after complete isolation from gadgets. They were allowed to access only those electronic games which involved interactivity and physical activity. The study showed positive results by increasing the level of their physical activities. In India, immediate changes need to be done where both children and adults are glued to electronic world.



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