The Ancient Pueblo were Master Builders

New research from Arizona State University has revealed that the ancient Southwestern Pueblo people were brilliant architects. They had no written language or a number system to help them construct a building with several complicated geometrical shapes.

"The site is known to have been an important focus of ceremony in the region for the ancestral Pueblo people including solstice observations.”The site was constructed using advanced geometrical shapes like equilateral triangles, squares, 45-degree right triangles, pythagorean triangles, and the golden rectangle.

Constructing such as architectural design with some geometrical knowledge, a straight-edge, a compass or cord, and a unit of measurement is fairly easy to construct. But, the ancestral Pueblo people had no written language or number system to aid them when they built the site. Incredibly, their measurements were still near-perfect, with a relative error of less than one percent.

"The genius of the site's architects cannot be underestimated. If you asked someone today to reconstruct this site and achieve the same precision that they had using just a stick and a piece of cord, it's highly unlikely they'd be able to do it.”




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