The Best Discoveries Through Archaeologies

The Best Discoveries Through Archaeologies


An archaeologist is a person who studies archaeology which is the study of the past. These studies differ from the lessons of historians as archaeologists study the objects like coins, buildings, forts, toys, and other historical remains.

Archaeologists worldwide have made several discoveries. Some of the best findings through archaeologists are: -

  • Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh, India: The stupa is the oldest stone structure in India. It is also said to be one of the largest sites of Buddhist remains. It was a well-renowned place until 3BC and got rediscovered back in 1818.
  • Kalinga, Rajasthan, India: This place located in Rajasthan was one of the prehistoric cities. It started before the Mauryan empire, had the Harappan settlements but when the river dried up, it got abandoned. After the evacuation, the report was by the Archaeological Survey of India in 2003.   
  • Tomb - Of - Khuwy, Egypt: Around 4400 years old, It got rediscovered in 2019. It was discovered with colourful paintings, and it is also known as the most colourful tomb.
  • Rosetta Stone, Rosetta, Egypt: Long back, the Rosetta stone is inscribed with scripts in mainly three languages. Some time ago, in the year 1799, it got rediscovered. Thanks to this stone as archaeologists were able to translate all the text.

Most of us (students) find history boring, but the discoveries are thought-provoking!

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School Gautam Buddha Nagar, Greater Noida

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