The Contribution Of Farmers In India

Editorials News | Apr-05-2021

The Contribution Of Farmers In India

The contribution of farmers to the prosperity of our nation is quite remarkable. Whether the corona period or the famine, the role of farmers has been very important. In a recession when employment opportunities are closed. Even then the agriculture sector handled the youth. Whether it is 2007 or now. Now new methods are being invented in agriculture as well. So that farmers can benefit more at a lower cost. For this, commercial farming is being continuously promoted. Due to which farmers are also benefiting. Seeing this, the youth are also leaving other employment and joining farming. December 23 is celebrated as Farmers Day each year. It is also the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. Charan Singh made various efforts to strengthen the economic condition of the farmers. He said that farmers are the backbone of the country's economy. Development is not possible without these. In different countries, Farmers Day is celebrated on different dates.

Farmers should get rid of traditional farming. Many schemes are being run by the government to improve their economic condition. The state government also cooperates with the center. For this, various types of crops are also being promoted from the Horticulture Mission along with the Department of Agriculture.

Schemes Under Process
1.Training and promotion of cultivation for mushroom cultivation.
2.Turmeric cultivation.
3.Grant for planting the garden.
4.Polly House.
5.It includes many other schemes including roof gardening.

There are thousands of schemes for farmers but the big question whether they will be implemented properly or not. Proper implementation of these schemes is the key factor and benefactor for farmers. For many decades we have witnessed thousands to lakhs of farmer's suicides. Farmers from the start have played a key role in India's economy and it's the most unsafe job sector of the nation. They are at the mercy of the weather, and government schemes and policies.

The green revolution was only possible due to our dedicated farmers. they made us an independent nation. We went from a high number of imports to a high number of exports. India is now one the biggest exporter of rice, wheat, pulses, spices & tea. Farmers deserve respect and credit for their services and contribution to India's development. One thing which we should never forget, If we are eating today it's only because somewhere in some village one farmer is growing that food for our nation.

By: Akshit Sharma