The Decline in Arctic Shorebird Population Traced

Arctic shorebird’s population is declining with a very fast rate. A new research team is trying to monitor the protection of natural habitat where the birds breed. Researchers are trying to quantify adult bird survival. For their study they targeted nine breeding sites in the Canadian and Alaskan Arctic during the year 2010-2014.

It is also tried to understand how ecological conditions and human-related causes affected the annual survival of the adult birds in those areas. It was found that shorebird declines are not exactly driven by conditions experienced on the Arctic breeding areas. Shorebirds migrate to other places in search of warm climate and more variable atmosphere. Five species of shorebirds that migrate from the sites where usually these birds breed, in the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic to cold areas towards south in the Americas due to  favourable conditions in the nesting areas along that flyway.

After due research it has been concluded that decline of natural habitat at migratory stopover points or extra cool areas on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway are the causes of leading  poorer adult survival rates. There is need to pay attention to these birds to ensure conservation efforts in future. The research can be useful in understanding the reason of Arctic shorebird decline and finding the possible solution to protect their remaining population and their natural habitat.


By- Anita Aishvarya


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