The Discovery of 8 Mummies at Luxor

An astonishing discovery was made by archaeologists near Thebes. They have revealed eight mummies, colourful coffins and about 1000 Ushabti at a tomb near Draa Abul Nagaa. The Ushtabi are small carved figures and all these are believed to be dating back to 3500 years.

The tomb and stuff was found on the west bank of Nile in Luxor. It was built during 18th dynasty and was later improved by adding additional mummies to protect them from enemies and raiders.

The researchers believe that the tomb belonged to a nobleman, Ushrat, who was a Luxor judge. He died of some disease and the researchers are trying to determine that disease. The tomb is of a T-shape and has an open court that leads to a rectangular shaped hall, a corridor and a chamber. Inside the coffin, the mummy was found with a wooden mask and a handle for the sarcophagus lid.

 The discovery has provided revelations of various sorts but the actual excavation of the findings still need to be started. Let’s see what new secrets are revealed with further excavations.



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