The Diverse Functions of Hormones

 The body of every individual is made up of various cells. The division process of cells are the deciding factor of making our appearance like short or tall, dark skinned or light, clever or slow, active or inactive. It is a general theory that these traits are inherited through genes But it is clear that much of the work that put these traits in us is performed by hormones.

Various tissues of the body discharge hormones into fluids, like blood in the body. From there, the hormones travel far from the place they were made until they reach to the cells that ultimately read the chemical as an instruction and work accordingly. That hormones guide the cell to do specific activity. It might direct a cell to change its shape or work in a particular manner. One hormone latches onto sugar in the bloodstream and then helps ferry that sugar into cells to speed-up their work and the other might tell our body to burn some calories as fuel or to store it.

 Cells listen for that instruction through receptors. Sometimes fake keys arrive that misguides the cells. Estrogen is hormone that promotes feminine qualities, that faulty signal may work to effectively feminize some male traits. The result could be a male animal that looks like a female one with all feminine traits. Many hormones give instruction to the plants when to grow up or grow old and die too.  


By- Anita Aishvarya


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