The History of Leftover

Remains have a story to tell, and their inquisitive history educates us regarding changes in innovation and in demeanors both towards fortune and supper. After 20th century the icebox commonly known as refrigerator became a requirement of many homes. However, before the existence of refrigerator “leftovers” didn’t exist. Before this, there was no method to keep food in the form of a freshly prepared meal.

The experts have stated that, preservation of remaining food was as much a part of the culinary process as preparation. Old cookbooks would frequently follow the methods used for a meal with instruction for pickling, curing, or salting the remains to prolong the life of all ingredients.

The best part about leftover, however, is not their invention but shifting attitudes toward them. The luxury of a refrigerator did not mean abundance was taken for granted, said the experts. The most intriguing thing about remains, in any case, isn't their innovation however moving mentalities towards them.



By- Priyanka Negi