The Latest Idea of Getting Electron Behaviour More Closely

For the first time, physicists have developed a technique for visualizing the behaviour of electrons under the surface of a material. It has been made possible due to efforts of some physicists. They have developed a way to visualize electron under a material’s surface. The behaviour of electron is seen through this process that was not possible earlier. Their technique is based on quantum mechanical processing.

It is a technique by which electrons can overcome the energetic hurdle easily by appearing on the other side of it. The band structure of these electrons, are its key feature that decides how electrons move through a material. The scientists have used the technique to probe a semiconductor sheet of gallium arsenide, to get the energy and momentum of electrons all over the material. Using this method scientist may also be able to observe the unique interactions among electrons that can help creating to superconductivity within certain special materials. Electrons have a specific momentum and energy that frequently move around the material.

Scientists have used angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) that is a technique that causes light to excite the electrons and cause them jump out through the surface of a material. The technique has been used to visualize electron behaviour in gallium arsenide under different situations. It is hoped that this method will expand the way of understanding electrons and we will be able to unfold the unseen phenomena below the surface of the material.


By- Anita Aishvarya



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