The Legacy of Steve Jobs

Editorials News | Nov-15-2023

Steve Jobs

An Innovator for a Change
From a Macintosh to a calculator to an iPod into a big accessory company with a truckload of technology.

The History
Steve was an entrepreneur in California, a dropout from college. It all started when Steve along with his team mates co-founded the company Apple in 1976 and started making products. Steve Jobs played an important role in the company as he was the innovator and the one giving Ideas which boosted the company and the profits skyrocketed.

PIXAR and Disney as an Important Role
Jobs acquired the Pixar animation studio which earlier was called the ‘The Graphics Group’. The company’s value skyrocketed off the popular movies ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Toy Story’ and many more were tremendous successes. This was the time that Steve Jobs had acquired the Pixar company.

Later in 2006, Disney took control of the Pixar company making jobs Disney’s highest individual shareholder.

Back to Apple for changing the Era
Steve returned to Apple as an Advisor and later became the CEO of the company. His amazing leadership revolutionized the entire company.
Under Job’s guidance, Apple introduced the innovative and colourful product the IMAC G3 which is also known as the iPod.
Which had the iTunes where you listen to any song anywhere you go and just in your pocket. This creation in 2001 changed the entire company from a startup to a big brand.

To Develop More
The Apple company was established in many other states of the US like the first one in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and many more. This was the Key to Jobs’s Success in his life which was unforgettable.

Jobs and his team brainstormed to get some of the beautiful items like the iPad iPhone and Mac of course.

The Obstacles Before the End
Jobs faced severe health issues and got attacked by Pancreatic Cancer which made him resign as the CEO of Apple in August 2011. Which was a few months before when he passed away on October 5, 2011, at the age of just 56.

His journey and Innovation had a long-lasting effect on the world and the technology and entertainment industries. His design philosophy, focus on user experience, and ability to anticipate customer needs continue to influence Apple and the tech world at large.

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