The Lies We Tell Ourselves for Satisfaction!

We always lie to ourselves about the progress we are making on important goals. Like, If we want to lose weight, we might say that we're eating healthy, but in reality our eating habits haven't changed .Also If we want to be more creative, we might say that we are trying to write more or we are practicing , but in reality we aren't holding ourselves to a rigid publishing daily schedule.

Sometimes we want to learn a new language; we might say that we have been consistent with our practice even though we have skipped last night to watch the television.

We use lukewarm phrases like, “I'm doing well with the time I am available with.” Or, “I have been trying really hard.” Rarely do these statements include any kind of hard measurement. They are generally just soft excuses that make us feel better about having a goal for that we haven't made any worth progress toward.

Why do such little lies matter? Because they are stopping us from self-awareness, Emotions and feelings are also important and they have a place, but when we use feel-good statements to track our progress in life, we end up lying to ourselves about what we're actually doing for our goals.

When the stethoscope came along it provided a tool for physicians to get an independent diagnosis of what is going inside the patient. Thus we can also use tools to get a independent diagnosis of what is going on inside our own lives.

By: Saksham Gupta

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