The Mystery Fall from the Sky Unveiled

Scientists at Geological Survey of India (GSI) center have confirmed that the object which fell in the Mukundpura village of Jaipur district on June 6 was a meteorite. Till now, 14 meteorite incidents have been reported in Rajasthan, said GSI in a release.

The scientists described, a red-yellow colored meteorite, weighing 2.23 kg, had fallen at 3:15 pm in a field near Bhankrota in the village.  As per the release, the meteorite had created a 43 cm round and 15 cm deep pit. The scientists have taken a step and had taken the meteorite in its custody on June 7 for a detailed study. The meteorite fell down in Mukundpura nearly 100 meters away from a farm owner's residence. The scientists found that it broke into parts after falling from an enormous height.

The found object has been sent to meteorite and planetary science division of the National Center of Excellence in Geosciences Research (NCEGR). The scientists have stated that the meteorite was dark black in color and had sulphur like smell. The scientists confirmed that the fusion crust of the meteorite was 1.5 to 2 mm in thickness.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: Hindustan Times 

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