The Mystery of Amazonian Earthworks Solved

The scientists have recently stated that the Amazonian rainforest was transformed over two thousand years ago by prehistoric people. The researchers added that there is evidence which shows a creation of hundreds of huge and mysterious earthworks.

The research took place under the guidance of Brazilian and UK experts. The findings indicate towards the lifestyle of indigenous people lived in the Amazon before European people arrived in the region.

The ditched enclosures, in Acre state in the western Brazilian Amazon, were covered for centuries by trees. Current deforestation has allowed the discovery of more than 450 of these large geometrical geoglyphs.

The researchers said that they have achieved very small part of this research as the sites are still little understood. Since archaeologists recovered very few artifacts during excavation they said this mysterious site is improbable to be villages.

The archaeologists analyzed the layout that shows these were not built for defensive reasons. Additionally, it is thought they were used only intermittently, possibly as ritual gathering places.



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