The Next Generation in Mobile Broadband – 5G

Editorials News | Jan-22-2021

The Next Generation in Mobile Broadband – 5G

The first country to adopt the 5G network on 3rd April 2019 in South Korea. The claims of South Korea were under dispute by US Company Verizon. Verizon also launched the 5G network in the USA on the same day. The Philippines became the first country to roll out a 5G network in South Asia. China holds the world’s largest network of 5G. Many countries like the US, UK, South Korea, China, and Japan performed Research and Development on the 5G network.

5G networks are beneficial in many ways as it will provide improved broadband connectivity. Undoubtedly, 5 G will support faster communication between vehicles on the road (autonomous vehicles). Further, it will help to improve public infrastructure and safety thus allowing cities to function efficiently, improving surveillance; sensors will be able to tell PWD when streetlights dysfunctional when the drains flood, and also utility companies can track the consumption remotely. Machinery will be the remote control. Heavy machinery can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the globe thus reducing the risks while working in hazardous environments. In healthcare, surgeries can be operated remotely.
5G will eventually replace the current 4G LTE mobile broadband connection. It will make us enjoy exponentially faster download, higher upload speeds and thus latency will also be decreased.

There are 3 different spectrum bands for 5G operation:

a. Low Band Spectrum – It will provide with great coverage area and wall penetration. Its disadvantage is it will have a lower speed as compared to other spectrum bands.
b. Mid-band Spectrum – It has an advantage over the low band spectrum in that it provides faster speed and low latency. The disadvantage is that building penetration is lower than Low band spectrum.
c. High-band Spectrum – The coverage area and building penetration are compromised in comparison with other spectrums but it provides the highest speed.

By: Kiara Sharma

Mahaveer Public School