The Sims 4 PS4 Didn’t Met Expectations

The much awaited console versions of EA’s life sim appeared very close to the original one. It is quite tough to feel sad for such a huge corporation like EA. The game which was lined – up for Christmas came out to be such a big disaster.

It has been found that The Sims 4 didn’t do that bad in the sales charts. To users, one of the frustrating things is that in so many ways this is an impressive port, which has been carried out by Blind Squirrel Games. Blind Squirrel Games is the same studios behind the console versions of XCOM. The life simulation video game appeared indistinguishable from the PC original. It has almost all of its features intact. One of the biggest problems arise here is that nobody thought to change the interface or controls.

The fan community of SIMS got apart on this issue though, now only coming together to criticize the game for skipping out so many features that previously appeared to be a standard part of the game.


By: Bhavna Sharma


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