The Smart Nanotube Antennas

A graduate student of Rice University, named Amram Bengio has prepared a sample nanotube fibre antenna. According to researchers there are thin fibres made of carbon nanotubes that can be formed into antennas. These antennas are equally capable as traditional copper antennas.  These carbon nanotube antennas that are configured as wireless antennas can be a good option of copper antennas. At the same time they are about 20 times lighter in weight.

These antennas have various advantages for aerospace applications and wearable electronics where weight and flexibility are the main factors that matters. This new research has shown the path to offers more potential applications for the strong, lightweight nanotube fibres that have been tested for use as brain implants and in heart surgeries, among other applications very effectively. The technique can also be used in making airplanes and spacecraft where weight decides the cost.

Now a day these strong, flexible and conductive fibre antennas are being used frequently in making wearable like wrist-worn health monitors and clothing with equipped electronics that are capable to send and receive signals. Various researches were done where the communication frequencies and thread comprising was done. These frequencies carbon nanotube macro-materials behave like a typical conductor and displays superior performance. The nanotube antennas with their textile-like behaviour are easy to handle, cost-effective and are very efficient. These can be a better option than traditional copper antennas in all forms.


By: Anita Aishvarya


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