The Trace of Coexistence of Neolithic Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers Found

Farming has been a process that is estimated to be started back in about 11,000 years ago. It is said by the archaeologists that farming was started in a full fledge manner in Jordan and Israel. According to the latest research the early farmers after migrating to Europe from the Near East spread soon across the region. There they lived with the local hunter-gatherers and gradually mixed with those groups. There is a debate started over the arrival of farmers in Europe and also that how they initiated interaction with those people.

It is seen from the research that the farmers coexisted with the local people for some time and later on dominated them; although, it is not clear how they did that.  Recent studies has reflected that Europe became a place of  transfer of ideas, but that increasing number of  farmers from the Near East brought their knowledge with them as their population increased across the continent. This new research revealed the diverse culture of prehistoric periods and their diverse environments in Europe and its nearby areas.

The main focus area that was targeted was the Iberian Peninsula in the West, the Middle-Elbe-Saale region in north-central Europe, and the Carpathian Basin. For completing this research the genomes of 180 early farmers were analyzed using high-resolution genotyping methods. The result reflects that the interactions were increased between them over time and they stayed together for a long period.


By-Anita Aishvarya


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