The Two Sides of Coin for Success - Hard Work and Smart Work

To be successful you primarily need two things to adapt for yourself, i.e., working hard (hard work) and working smartly (smart work).
Hard work and smart work go hand in hand.
Before going onto which is better let's see what hard work and smart work is.
Hard work means doing a certain amount of work by investing a lot of time and effort while on the other hand smart work means investing less amount of time for the same amount of work.
Let's understand it by an example- For instance: Ramu and Sonu both are woodcutters and carry very small pieces of wood. Ramu travels long distance and travel 4-5 times per day to complete the requirement, but Sonu has wheelbarrow and carries the same amount of woods in a single go without putting much efforts and time.
So by the example now you must have got the difference between both.
Going in-depth let's understand hard and smart work with more parameters.
Hard work means spending long hours to complete a certain work without any shortcut. Smart work means achieving the same work but with proper planning and prioritising and organising the tasks. Nowadays people make a TO-DO-LIST which helps them to manage time and become more efficient. When we compare the results both give the desired results but hard work is more stressful whereas smart work is easier and comparatively not stressful.
Smart work needs planning whereas hard work doesn't.
Coming onto which is better.
Some people think smart work is better than hard work and some people think vice-versa. It all depends on the work and person to person. Smart work and hard work both are the two sides of a coin.
Smart work teaches time management, helps us to bring innovative ideas, and becomes creative on the other hand hard work helps us to focus on our dedication, discipline, and be patient to achieve the desired goal or aim. We might find the result of hard work more appealing as we put a lot of time and effort into it.
But it doesn't mean that we should choose one, as said above they both are the two sides of a coin and the basic things to achieve success, one can't ignore hard work for smart work and smart work for hard work, we need to work hard and smart to achieve success and the desired goal of our life.


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