These 5 Companies Have Taken Small Steps To Solve Global Water Crisis

Water is slowly receding from Earth. There is a world water crisis and here is how 5 of the world renowned companies helping to solve it.

  • Intel has developed a water and air quality monitoring sensor system in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, India. They have together vowed to research and deploy autonomous wireless sensor that are both low cost and low power.

  • Piramal foundation, under their Sarvajal initiative has installed water ATM's in 16 states of India providing 4 lakh people 24/7 access to free drinking water. These automated dispensing units run on solar power and are cloud connected.

  • Kohler has designed water fixtures that will directly add up to water conservation. These water fixtures such as waterless urinals, water conserving shower heads etc. can easily conserve around 1.51 lakh litres of water per fixture each year.

  • 3M Car care has come up with water less method to wash your car that will considerably reduce the amount of water that is wasted in car wash. These are currently in action in major metro cities. The method can save 99.5% of water while washing the car.

  • BSH Household appliances have designed a dishwasher that will use 7 litres of water as compared to 40 litres of water washing dishes by hands consume. Bosch & Siemens have carried out thorough research on the Indian dishwashing practices that concludes machine dishwashing will 9200 litres of water each year.

By: Neha Maheshwari



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