These Amazing Plastics Will Change Your Lives

New scientific findings have developed heat conducting plastics. These plastics could lead to lighter, cheaper, more energy – efficient product components. It also includes the components used in vehicles, LEDs and computers which are good at dissipating heat.

The latest technique is efficient in changing the plastic’s molecular structure in order to cast off heat. It is developed by a team of researchers in material science and mechanical engineering at University of Michigan. This new study is published in detail in Science Advances. It is also mentioned in the research that the process is inexpensive and scalable. The concept can be applied to a variety of other plastics as well. The preliminary test accounts for the making of a polymer which is thermally conductive as glass. It is also six times better at dissipating heat than the same polymer without any change.

Jinsang Kim, U-M materials science and engineering professor, said that they are working to apply thermal engineering to plastics in a way which was not implemented before.

By: Bhavna Sharma




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