Time to Rejoice in the Glory of Driving - Saudi Women

Long time, we spoke about women liberation but you would be surprised to know the lamented conditions of females living in various parts of the world. When women are making their marks and showing equal agility in every sphere of life, some are still fighting for equal status along with their male counterparts.

Of recent, Saudi Arabia has announced and granted permission for women to drive from June 2018. Women folk in the Arab can now obtain license without requiring permission from her male legal guardian. Islamic countries have always remained much in rebuke and ridicule from the whole world for their strict terms and conditions. In such conditions, this declaration is well expected to bring some light of respite. Though many of the Islamic regions allow women to drive it does not mean that they can enjoy freedom as their male counterparts in every other spheres.

However, no special number plates would be issued for female drivers and any on road accidents, violation of rules or any such related activities would be taken care of an establishment entirely set up and taken care of by women.

In the words of Manal Al-Sharif, a women's rights advocate and activist who started a campaign to allow women to drive in her memoir, "Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening", expressed that only one man, the King Salman himself can bring a change and he did as expected. She has come a long way by overcoming a lot of social customs. Though she never wanted to be rebellious but the most defiant activity in her youth was to start doing a job.

She has also been into confinement for protesting and driving against law but the announcement of the decree of removing the ban and allowing Saudi women to drive is a historic decision in itself. The day 26th December 2017 will ever remain a golden day in history for Saudi women. 

By: Subrata Dey

Content: http://www.business-standard.com/article/international/after-cars-saudi-arabia-to-allow-women-to-drive-motorcycles-from-june-2018-117121600593_1.html


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