Uncovering the Mystery of Roman Economic History

Editorials News | Sep-18-2017

 Uncovering the Mystery of Roman Economic History

Archaeology is a great source of knowledge to tell us about the as long history and culture of man. It makes us understand about not only the where and when people lived on the earth, but also why and how they have lived. It provides us the reason of the changes that have placed in human cultures over time, seeking patterns and explanations of patterns of the complex societies.

A team of archaeologists from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Fla, uncovered the mystery behind the of Sicily's largest ancient Roman villa by excavating 5,000 square meter Roman villa of Durreueli at Realmonte, of Sicily. 3D scanning of the entire villa was done, that is considered very useful in understanding the architectural designs of the villa. After almost a month long excavation it was concluded that between the 2nd and 7th century the villa was continuously occupied. New walls, floor levels, staircase and water channel have been discovered that clearly reflects that the villa was reconfigured for settlement in the 5th century.

The discovery of cooking utensils and a large number of Roman pottery related material clearly reflects that the important activity of the villagers was to make pottery, bricks and tiles for industrial purposes. By the present excavation researchers have found the evidence of rich cultural heritage of Romans. 

By:Anita Aishvarya

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