What is The Black Hole?

Editorials News | May-27-2021

What is The Black Hole?

The infinite sky holds all the mysteries within it. One such mystery is connected to the black hole. Black holes have a massive amount of gravity; they can consume everything, light as well. Despite its invisible interior, a black hole can reveal its presence through interaction with other substances. For example, a black hole can be found at the speed of a group of stars orbiting a part of space that appears empty. Alternatively, with a companion star, you can see the gas falling into a relatively small black hole. Theoretically, a matter of any quantity can become a black hole if it is compressed within a space whose radius is equal to its equivalent Schwarzschild radius. Accordingly, the mass of our sun is 3 km.

Similarly, the total mass of a black hole sphere can be found using the gravitational analog of the gauss law while sitting away from the black hole. Angular momentum can be measured from a distance, by gravitational-magnetic field using frame-dragging, when inside it can be transformed into the black hole. A black hole is a place in which no physical laws function. There is just gravity and darkness here. Its gravity is so powerful that you cannot even imagine it. By its stretch it also absorbs light. This means that what is put into it will not come out.

When a giant star reaches its end, it collapses on its own. Gradually it becomes a huge black hole and then its gravitational force increases so much that each planet in its sphere of influence is pulled towards it and goes inside. He swallows everything in himself. Its sphere of influence is called an event horizon. When a black hole swallows a substance, its horizon oscillates with friction like a wide membrane, a transient system that lasts until it is finally established. This is different from other field theories such as electromagnetism or gauge theory, in which there is never any friction or resistivity because they are time-reversible. So the black hole eventually settles into a finite state with only three parameters. It is not possible to see a black hole directly. However, its presence can be gauged by its gravitational effect on the environment around it.

By:- Srishti Rathod

Content:- https://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/k-4/stories/nasa-knows/what-is-a-black-hole-k4.html