What is Transcendental Meditation?

Stress is now part of our daily life. When we are students, we have an exam’s stress, when we grow up- we have competition stress. Our life is surrounded by stress, even if we do meditation that reduces the stress a bit. Few eat ice-creams, few eat chocolates or few do their favorite activity to reduce stress.

But still we are unable to find escape from the stress permanently.

To disconnect oneself from anxiety, stress and encouraging harmony and self- realization by meditation, Indian Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has founded “Transcendental Meditation”. It was first founded by an Indian Organization “Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation of India” (SRM) that is prevalent till today and which was later on spread by the International Organizations.

Transcendental Meditation is an art to relive stress permanently. An individual can do meditation anywhere, anytime, in any position. We only have to practice it for 15-20 minutes daily. People usually practice it in the morning and during the evening time. From the age of 3, children can learn this type of meditation.

Problems in education sector that can be cured in TM are-

1. Difficulties in remembering what one has learned
2. The low capability of concentration
3. Lack of creativity and abstract thinking
4. Low intelligence
5. Anxiety
6. Frustration in learning
7. Lack of active participation in the lessons
8. Students lacking the incentive to learn
9. Insomnia
10. Hyperactivity
11. Illness or bad health
12. Bullying and discrimination in the classroom
13. Physical violence in students
14. Immature students wanting to live independently
15. Substance abuse- alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse in students
16. Children facing learning problems

Every individual is facing one or the other problem mentioned above. All the problems’ solution are with Transcendental Meditation. In general, people use up to 2% of their brain but after practicing TM, people use their brain much more than that.
To practice TM, one has to learn it from a certified teacher. Four consecutive 4 days, session of almost 2 hours should be attended. It doesn’t require any particular religion, belief or something. Anyone can practice to improve themselves.

By- Suvarna Gupta


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