Which Regions Suffer The Most Due To The Rising Sea Levels?

Editorials News | Jul-29-2022

Which Regions Suffer The Most Due To The Rising Sea Levels?

Ocean and Sea Level doesn't stay at the same level all the time. Waves and types cause the sea level of the water to rise and sink all day long. But we can measure the height of the ocean water many times in a day to find an estimate of the average or typical height of the ocean. The Sea Covers most of the planet which is not possible to measure with just a ruler. NASA took the responsibility to measure the average sea level of the whole globe which is also known as the Global Sea Level. But due to various factors scientist has been discovering and observing a rise in sea level. This rise in Sea Levels is especially affecting the Coastal Region. "The Cities and Towns along the Coast are suffering the most due to Rising Sea Levels".

The Global Sea Level is about 7 to 8 inches higher now than it was a century ago. The main cause for this is that the Earth is getting warmer as the days pass. Glaciers and Ice Sheets are large masses of Ice that sit on the land. Due to greenhouse gases, the radiation gets trapped which causes Global Warming and warms the planet which eventually leads to the melting of ice that flows into the ocean. And more water in the Ocean makes the sea level rise higher. Due to the intense heat and warming, the water also warms which makes the water expand. When the water expands it results in a Rise in the Level of Sea Water. This rise in sea level impacts the communities living near the "Coasts". According to NASA, and its partner who use the Jason satellite for measuring Global Sea Level, it tells that it takes around 10 days for the satellite to complete and find one Global Measurement.

So, the Coastal Sites with their long sandy beaches and wetlands are all areas with watery boundaries which are first in line for big changes and sufferings due to the Rising Sea Level. Therefore, Cities that can afford are trying to use preventive measures to protect their cities from the Suffering of Rising Sea levels and the Drastic impacts of climate due to Sea levels.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School