Why Dragon Ball Legends Would Be The Most Ground Breaking Game Ever?

Dragon Ball Legends is an upcoming Namco Bandai mobile game that is due to be released this summer on iOS and Android. It will be one of the few games that will allow you to play player versus player and fight against anyone in the real world. Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile fighting game. The game will start off with letting you choose three characters from the wide selection. Player has to beat all the three characters one by one. The winner is the person who successfully defeats all the 3 fighters in the opponent's team.

Graphics in the game are in 3D and look gorgeous. Single player modes can be played offline and the game can be played both via mobile and Wifi. Most fighting games are not able to work properly on mobile platforms as they require multiple controls for different moves but Dragon Ball Legends is different. It can be played using one finger as most moves can be achieved by taps and swipes. Basic attacks are enabled by tapping the mobile screen while dodging can be done through swipes. Dragon Ball will be a free game to play with some in app purchases such as downloadable packs and character packs.

An exact release date of the game is not yet revealed. For more information about the game and its launch, you can register for more information on the App Store and Google Play.


By:Neha Maheshwari

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