Why Pupfish Prefer To Breed Inside Salty Lakes

If you are one of those who think salt water can be consumed for good skin, nails, and teeth, make it clear that besides the bad taste, drinking salt water is a bad idea. However, the fact does not go the same way with the sea creatures.

According to a recent research, it’s been found that salty water is ideal for pupfish. In fact, Pupfish living in salty lakes on San Salvador Island were able to diversify into multiple species with different eating habits. The scientists have also analyzed that these pupfish have the capacity to interbreed with pupfish from other islands in the Caribbean.

The scientists have discovered something that has changed their perspective towards the breeding system of sea creatures. The scientists have stated that Pupfish are small, brightly colored fish. This specie lives in the coastal areas of salty lakes and eats algae. However, on San Salvador Island in the Bahamas, a group of pupfish has undergone adaptive radiation.

The adaptive radiation is a process where existing species rapidly evolve and differentiate into new species, to take advantage of a new environment.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: www.sciencedaily.com



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