World's First Scientifically-Described Dinosaur Fossil Discovered

Editorials News | Jun-19-2017

World's First Scientifically-Described Dinosaur Fossil Discovered

Scientists have developed unique technology that brought some light on the world's first scientifically described dinosaur fossil.The research was led by scientists at the University of Warwick and the University of Oxford's Museum of Natural History. According to the scientists, the discovery has been uncovered by them after 200 years.The scientists have revealed five previously unseen teeth in the jawbone of the Megalosaurus. The researchers added that historical repairs on the fossil may have been less widespread than formerly thought.

 The researchers used art CT scanning technology and specialist 3D analysis software. Additionally, the team of scientists took more than 3000 X-ray images of the world- famous Megalosaurus jawbone, creating a digital three-dimensional image of the fossil.In an extraordinary level of study, the scientist was able to see inside the jawbone for the first time, tracing the roots of teeth and the extent of different repairs.Some damage occurred to the newly found sample when it was detached from the rock, possibly shortly after it was discovered.


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