World’s Largest Digital Survey Introduced by Scientists

After the hard work of four years, scientists have finally created a digital mapping survey to observe the sky. As per the scientists, this study is unique and known as the largest survey of the world. The scientists have claimed that, the survey can map more than three billion stars as well as galaxies in extraordinary detail.

The Pan-STARRS observatory took the first step to mapping the sky digitally in 2010. The Pan-STARRS includes (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System), a 1.8-metre telescope. The telescopes were placed at the summit of Haleakala on Hawaiian Island of Maui for the clear view.

The scientists said they were aimed to examine the sky very quickly, regularly, looking for moving objects and transient or variable objects, including asteroids that could threaten the Earth.

The scientists said this survey is one of its kinds and it took four years to complete. Additionally the scientists used a compiled data that includes three billion separate sources, including stars, galaxies and several other objects.

Content Source: Hindustan Times



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