Outdoor Sports Improves Mental Health

General News | Aug-04-2020

Outdoor Sports Improves Mental Health

Okay..... we all know mental health is one of the topics in which we do not want to share our opinions. But do you know due to mental health problems on an average of almost 8 million people die each year! I know how shocking. But one of the things that prevent it is outdoor games. Playing outside helps in a time where every 8 in 100 people suffer from anxiety and depression.

American essayist, poet, and philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said "an early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." You know according to one study, stress level goes down when we play outside, it improves our mood and people also experience the benefits of time in nature. Outdoor sports have many more benefits than you think it has like it improves one's memory. It also helps kids and adults to stay fit and active. If people who take medicine at night to get sleep should go outdoors as it helps you sleep better. This all basically means it improves our quality of life.

By the way, playing outdoors not only helps in mental health but also physical health. It helps remove bad cholesterol and unwanted fat from the body. According to another study people who play and exercise outside tend to live longer than people who do not.

You know we should all play outdoor games as much as we study inside. Then you will also realize that it freshens and clears your mind from all the negative energy around you.