Student Don't Spend Enough Time in Reading Books

There is no doubt that there is no best friend like books are. Some how in the tech savy world, people moved to e books and no deep understanding and relevance of reading books exist. Students have multiple options on Internet like Facebook, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. to consume content and information in some other forms. 

Books have some significant importance in the development of brain and knowledge. When you read a book, your brain holds the information for a longer period of time. It is a mind nourishing activity. One can improve the fluency on any language by reading as many books as you can that focuses on language. Schools, Colleges, Institutes and parents uses reading as the main instrument to teach students and impart education. Reading also helps in increasing concentration power. Students of this generation need everything in one click and due to high impatience level, they are giving up on vital and must activity like reading. Thus, the students' mind capacity is also decreasing day by day. Their non reading habit has impacted their academic and general knowledge severely. 

Students of this age get lonely and depressed very soon. Thus, everyone should motivate students to inculcate the reading habit as reading helps to fight boredom and loneliness. Books will make you travel into numbers, alphabets, stories of angels, science and social science, etc. They will never demotivate you just like other materialistic things of the world do. Books always stay with a person and help the person in various problematic situations. So, students start reading. 

By: Kiara Sharma

Class 10

Mahaveer Public School

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