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Arizona Residents' Health Threatened By Extreme Environmental Factors Like Heat

If you feel that Arizona cannot get any hotter now, just wait! Climate researchers have predicted that extreme environmental factors in Arizona can make it unlivable by 2050. Even though that is just one research that is so dire, experts all around do warn that Arizona needs to prepare itself for extreme heat and other conditions. The problem will not occur centuries later but is immediate. Arizona was the warmest on record last year and 2018 is set to break that record too. Experts have predicted that temperature can rise by 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of next 10 decades.

More the heat, more the air pollution and allergens. The reservoirs of the Colorado river are anticipated to reduce due to rising temperatures and increasing population. US Bureau of Reclamation and other sources published these statistics and if they were to come true, the residents of Arizona are in grave danger, as warned by US Centres for Disease Control's Climate and Health Program website. One of the reports even mentioned that Phoenix would be unlivable.

Heat puts the body under a lot of stress. If humans and animals are not able to get relief from the heat, it can affect people who are suffering from some underlying health problems. So, it will pose a problem for people who have heart conditions, respiratory issues and elderly people.


By: Neha Maheshwari