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CBSE Notifies Policy For Addressing Anomalies In Board Exam Question Papers

 On Sunday, the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) notified its policy or mechanism for addressing the problems of irregularities in the question papers of board exams. CBSE is currently conducting the Class 10th and Class 12th board examinations around the county and abroad for lakhs of students. CBSE every year conducts the board examination in India in about 5000 examination centers and in 25 countries across the world.

The CBSE said that after Question Paper is administered on the day of the examination if any anomaly is noticed, the board will address issues in the following manner:

1. Observations are achieved from subject experts on the day of examination.

2. Observations on the Question Paper are obtained from all schools within 24 hours of the conduct of the examination.

3. Information which received within 24 hours of the conduct of examination from other sources is also taken into consideration.

All these observations are compiled and offered to the group preparing Marking Schemes to make the provision to address the anomaly in such a way that students interest is protected.

The board further said that if any anomaly is noticed after the question paper is administered on the day of the examination, it is impossible to communicate the solution of the same to all the centers.


By: Preeti Narula