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Diesel Vehicles Older Than 10 Years to be De-Registered

The National Green Tribunal has directed Regional Transport Office in Delhi and NCR to de-register all diesel vehicles which are older than 10 years. The order will hit an estimate of 2.8 Lakh diesel vehicles owners in Delhi and NCR.
The current order is the reiteration of the last year’s order which was to ban all diesel vehicles more than 10 years old. The tribunal found a more effective way to implement the order, by de-registering them.
“Deregistration of these vehicles will lead to turn them into scrap. The people can either sell those outside NCR or keep it parked forever. In any case, the owner will not be able to drive such vehicles on the Delhi roads”, said an official. If someone plies a car on the roads which is not registered, s/he will face a fine of Rs.2000 for the first offence and impounding of the vehicle thereafter.
Automobile industry officials said that the order is “Arbitrary and Impractical” in the absence of a scrapping policy. They say that the owners paid road tax for 15 years, any bid to move them off roads before the tenure can cause legal problems.

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