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Discovery of Ancient Paintings in China

More than 1,000 rock paintings have been found by the researchers in the Inner Mongolia independent region of China. According to the discovery the paintings are believed to be made by the ancient tribal people.


Ancient Tribal people who are known to be the Tujue and the Dangxiang were believed to live there about 1000 to 1500 years ago. These newly discovered paintings are based on animals and humans carved by tribal people.


As per the research the paintings contain pictures of animals such as sheep, camels, elks, tigers, wolves and people hunting etc. Head of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Urad Middle Banner has also quoted that these ancient paintings are amazingly well preserved.


Archaeologists have stated that these newly found paintings are among other findings from Yinshan Mountain range. Before this discovery over 10, 000 ancient rock paintings were found in the Yinshan Mountains as per the report by the researchers.


In addition to the statement the researchers have a great hope from these findings.

The discovery can be helpful for archaeologists to know more about ancient travelers, scientists added.