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Ending Child Labor In This Generation; A Race Against Time

According to the International Labor Organization, approximately 17 percent of children across the world are subjected to child labor.  The Sub- Saharan African region being the most prevalent. Numbers are high especially in the developing countries and others where the standards of living are yet low. Children are the source of future generation as well as humanity. Childhood holds the potential of a promising future but at the same time the adversities that a big group of children are facing also sets limits to the development of a child and in turn that of the society as a whole. When children are deprived of their childhood, their social, economic, physical and mental development it affects the complete working of a healthy society in terms of economic empowerment, peace, social stability of a country.

The Sustainable Development Goal has set the target of ending child labor by the year 2025. It is a lofty target to achieve, but this cannot be negotiable in any case. Eradication of child labor is need of the hour for a brighter and better society and a country. This is the time for a revolution to bring them out of drudgery and mould a new life for them with proper education and a healthy life. It is not a task just for the governments to take care of but we need to change our mindset towards the social evil. It is not normal to see a child work and not feel the urge to put an end to it. We all need to work together to stop this social menace.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena