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Extra Salty Food Leads to Several Health Diseases

A report by WHO has shown that Indians take more than twice of the recommended amount of salt. The scientists have stated that the unhealthy diet and extra amount of salt can invite the risk of cardiovascular diseases and early deaths.

The study was led and recommended by the George Institute for Global Health. The scientists have claimed that the average daily salt intake of 19 years old age groups was found to be 10.98 grams in India. However, the WHO has clearly recommended 5 grams per day. The analysts have suggested that some parts of India such as southern and eastern states take an excess level of salt, which is not good.

Tripura is on the top in the list of WHO, with an average salt intake of around 14 grams per day. Salt is a major reason behind high blood pressure, a leading cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD), stated the leading author of the research. Analysts have also said that Indian diet has been changed since past 30 years. These days, an average Indian diet contains extra salt sugar and harmful fats which are increasing rates of high blood pressure.



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