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First Human-Sheep Hybrid: A Ray of Hope for Transplantation

Science can create miracles and it has proved it again by making its first human-sheep hybrid. The hybrid sheep has opened a way to grow organs in the animal’s body that can be transplanted into human body when required. Not only that, but also by this process scientists can grow even healthier organs by creating healthy pancreases, that could help in curtailing some genetic diseases such as diabetes.

About one year back, a similar research with pigs was on the card but delayed due to some reason and the hybrid-sheep came ahead.  Earlier, the researchers at Stanford University had successfully transplanted pancreas into diabetic mouse that was developed into a rat. They found that they could completely cure its diabetes without any kind of immunosuppressant. However, the researchers have said that the research will take at least 10 years more to be completed. Organ transplantation is a very complicated process. The cases of organ failure have become very frequent these days due to many diseases. And at the same time, it is very much difficult to find a suitable donor at the right time. Getting healthy organs is also an issue. That’s why as per a data, almost 20 people die every day while waiting for a transplant. This research can be thus be a ray of hope for people who are waiting for transplantation. It will ensure a safe and healthy organ development and its transplantation.

By: Anita Aisvarya