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Habitat Affects Turtles More Than Temperature


According to the new research habitat is dangerous for turtles. This research was conducted by University of Bristol, London's Natural History Museum, and the University of California.


The researchers added that over 60 percent group of turtles are listed as venerable or critically endangered by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The study also showed that every year turtles and tortoises are decreasing. Illegal trade and human actions are work as a fate for turtle groups.


As per the new study turtle can survive in warm environment. The scientists have also added that the group of turtles gets affected by the habitat as people use them for food and medicines.


Since, turtles live such long lives that make it tough to conduct a test for the effect of warming over many generations stated the researchers. Therefore, the scientists took old records, novel combination, and old fossil records of turtles during warming time.


Through a deep study the scientists came to know that turtles are capable of bearing in hot weathers. The scientists also added that sufficient water is required for river and lake-turtles.